Entruevest is a holding company based in Johannesburg that acquires and builds leading small to medium sized businesses throughout Southern Africa. We are dedicated to build upon the legacy of former business owners, supporting their next generation management teams and contributing towards the development of the communities in which their businesses operate.

We are a proudly South African company which embraces Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment by facilitating meaningful participation in the different sectors of the South African economy. Our shareholding structure is diverse and includes 20% black female ownership. 

We have the resources, capital, performance improvement systems and experience to acquire, build and manage businesses efficiently and effectively. Unlike traditional private equity firms, we invest our own capital and have an indefinite investment horizon with no predetermined exit period. We do not acquire companies with the intention of reselling them, our preference is to invest in businesses and facilitate stable, long-term growth rather than short term or transactional gains.

We are not interested in investment philosophies focused on financial engineering and near-sighted business decisions to realize quick capital gains.

We are long-term partners who provide deep strategic, financial and operational resources and expertise.



We have been fortunate to be part of high-performance entrepreneurial teams. So, we wanted to build the company that we would want to buy our own company. One that would hold and nurture it indefinitely rather than sell it to the highest bidder. A company that would take care of its employees and establish wealth creation opportunities for them.  A company that would mentor the next generation of leaders and provide the business with the resources, time and space it needs to grow.

We might hold various qualifications, but we certainly didn’t learn business from a textbook. We learned it from sleepless nights managing cashflow and collecting debtors. Encumbering our personal assets and providing the guarantees required to unlock funding. Struggling to make payroll and supplier commitments. We made great appointments and terrible ones. We concluded transformative deals and signed others that we would never do again. All whilst serving our customers and clients at the highest possible service levels. 

There is simply no substitute for experience, and no faster way to gain it than by jumping into the trenches, rolling-up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty. This is why we respect and admire successful entrepreneurs! 

We understand the stress and emotions involved, the highs and lows, when considering and negotiating the sale of your business.  A process which can be unnecessarily over-complicated, drawn-out and expensive. We look to simplify this process and have made it our mission to establish a company which will facilitate the comfortable, safe and reliable sale of your business, whilst looking after your customers and staff, incentivising your management teams and sustaining your legacy.  

“If we continue doing the right things in Africa, we can create a very exciting and competitive global market here”
Patrice Motsepe – Founder & Chairman, African Rainbow Minerals



Whilst most companies focus predominantly on What they do (their products and services) or How they do it and differentiate their value proposition, very few companies can clearly articulate Why they do what they do. We founded Entruevest with the philosophy to first start with Why….  

  • To facilitate the comfortable and successful staged exit for a particular entrepreneur. The owner-manager who has given blood, sweat and tears to build and sustain a successful business and now looking for a well-deserved lifestyle change to enjoy the next exciting phase of life. The business owner that values staff loyalty, faithful customers and their business’ legacy.

    Whilst some acquirers and trade buyers would look to maximise synergies through, streamlining, cost savings or the consolidation and restructuring of operations, Entruevest places HIGH priority on protecting the customers, developing the staff and strengthening the business by offering the proverbial “safe-pair-of-hands”.

  • To empower existing management teams who are ready for the next exciting phase in business and personal growth. We look to provide a wealth creation mechanism for hardworking and loyal employees by incentivizing management so that they too can enjoy the benefits of business ownership.

  • To increase and develop broader economic participation with staff incentive programmes for employees from previously disadvantaged communities. We also contribute towards the development of the communities in which our businesses operate (Refer to “OUR FOUNDATION ” section for more details)



Integrity and Transparency

We will conduct all business transactions to the highest ethical standards and always honour our commitments

Financial Discipline

We have a strong commitment to keeping our group companies well capitalized ensuring a conservative financial leverage strategy


We recognise and reward the best individuals within each of our group companies based on performance, talent and achievement, irrespective their background or qualifications. We believe in teamwork and partner with businesses and management teams with a strong culture fit.

Candor and Transparency

We encourage open and direct discussions on various topics within business as long as these are constructive and respectful. We have zero tolerance for personal agendas and believe individuals need to express opinions openly without fear or political concerns as long as these are in the best interest of the business.


We believe there should be no imposed hierarchy in business and promote a culture of simplicity, approachability and constant communication.